An online platform focused on the visual side of music. We explored through different projects and events the work of photographers and filmmakers who document the music world.


HOW TO. A GUIDE FOR THE MUSIC PHOTOGRAPHER. Sponsored by Canon. Italy 2014

A serie of conversations with worldwide creatives that work around music world.
03. Sochi Singers by Rob Hornstra
02. Notting Hill Sound Systems by Brian David Stevens
01. King for a Day by Erin Feinberg

An online project where we asked some people who are linked to the music world to pick their favorite music photos and videos that inspired them.
22. Philip King. Bassist of Lush, touring bass player for The Jesus and Mary Chain and Picture Editor. London, England.
21. Brian David Stevens. Photographer. London, England.
20. Tristane Mesquita aka TIM. Photographer, Savages’ official photographer. France.
19. Nicolo Cerioni. Personal stylist for Lorenzo Jovanotti and Laura Pausini, Founder of Sugarkane Studio. Milan, Italy.
18. Emily Beaver. Photographer. London, England.
17. Vincenzo Albano. Painter. Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
16. Florencia Mangini. Fashion Trend Manager. Buenos Aires, Argentina
15. Degio. Music Journalist and Founder of On Detour. Rome, Italy.
14. Simone Zaccaron. Booking Agent of La Tempesta Concerti. Conegliano, Italy.
13. Nunzia Tamburrano. Press Officer of Dischi Bervisti. Italy.
12. Matteo Vallicelli. Musician. Italy.
11. Emiliano Colasanti. Music Journalist. Rome, Italy.
10. Giammaria De Gasperis. Curator. Rome, Italy.
09. Corrado Nuccini. Musician of Giardini di Mirò. Italy.
08. Vuvuvultures. London, England.
07. Cecilia Ibanez. Art Director, Graphic Designer and Photographer. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
06. Roberto Fabrizio. Musician of Arbe Garbe. Udine, Italy.
05. Nicolo Fortuni. Musician of Ninos Du Brasil. Pordenone, Italy.
04. Matthew Whitehouse. Arts and Culture Editor of i-D. London, England.
03. Steve Nardini. Udine, Italy.
02. Stefano Basso. Musician and Collector, Founder of Basso Archive. Pordenone, Italy.
01. Enrico Molteni. Bassist of Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti and Founder of La Tempesta Dischi. Pordenone, Italy.

A project where we asked the musicians themselves to showcase their day-to-day lives when touring. Not easy to do, and for this reason quite interesting. The result is a kind of travel journal featuring soundcheck sessions and describing what happens onstage and backstage. This project is carried out through our Instagram account which we hand over to the bands when they hit the road.
24. Jennifer Gentle. Marzo 2015, Italy.
23. The Sleeping Tree. February 2015, Italy.
22. Magellano. December 2014, Italy.
21. Movie Star Junkies. December 2014, Italy.
20. Avec Sans. November 2014, Italy.
19. The Heartbreaks. November 2014, England.
18. Ninos Du Brasil. October 2014, United States.
17. Bluvertigo. September 2014, Italy.
16. Billie Van. July 2014, Norway.
15. Gazebo Penguins. June 2014, Italy.
14. I Cani. June 2014, Italy.
13. Bologna Violenta. April 2014, Italy.
12. Kristal And Jonny Boy. April 2014, Italy.
11. Perturbazione. March 2014, Italy.
10. Calibro 35. February 2014, Spain.
09. The Zen Circus. January 2014, Italy.
08. Soviet Soviet. December 2013, Italy.
07. His Clancyness. November 2014, England/Republic of Ireland.
06. Il Pan Del Diavolo. October 2013, Italy.
05. Ministri. August 2013, Italy.
04. Mellow Mood. August 2013, Italy/Spain/Slovakia.
03. Andrea Appino. August 2013, Italy.
02. Vadoinmessico. July 2013, Italy.
01. Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti. July 2013, Italy.

A project about the greatest hits of music photographers.
12. Photo Efrem Raimondi. Joe Strummer (The Clash), Milan, 1999.
11. Photo Mattia Zoppellaro. Jarvis Cocker (Pulp), Dublin, 2006.
10. Photo Maikid (Michele Lugaresi). Jovanotti, Ancona, Italy, 2013.
09. Photo Alice Pedroletti. Morgan (Bluvertigo), Italy.
08. Photo Carlotta Cardana. Amanda & Jon, Brighton, 2012.
07. Photo Fabio Valente. Caparezza, Sherwood Festival, Padua, 2015.
06. Photo Ilaria Magliocchetti Lombi. Andrea Appino, Rome, 2009.
05. Photo Chiara Mirelli. Ministri, Milan, 2011.
04. Photo Annapaola Martin. Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti, Natural History Museum, Pordenone, 2010.
03. Photo Daniele Bianchi. Pierpaolo Capovilla, Milan, 2009.
02. Photo Mattia Balsamini. Hard Core Tamburo, Centro Sociale Rivolta, Marghera, 2012.
01. Photo Flavio&Frank. Negramaro, Pesaro, 2011.


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